Excerpt from “Diaries of a Hafiz” and some comments.

“I met him at a local Masjid, this star: Saeed Anwar. Despite my illiteracy in this sport called “cricket”, I do know he’s a big hit. He gave a lecture, and it was VERY good. I’ll note some things he mentioned in due time. His beard, Masha’Allah, is very neat. I took notes on most of the lectures at this conference I attended, so I’ll share them with you… In terms of Syed Anwar’s lecture, here’s some notable points. These are NOT direct quotes, just “to the effect” stuff:

– Despite us having the microwave, indoor plumbing, self clean ovens, and what have you… we have no barakah/blessing in our lives. We seem to have less and less time each day.
– Sleeping before sunrise is the result of our failure and unsuccessful livelihoods. Those who sleep before sunrise are deprived of the benefits of the two worlds.
– Saeed Anwar also mentioned that speaking bad and thinking bad have the same effect. Reading bad and listening bad have the same effect.
– He added some humor… We look at our big tummies and think, “wow, so much blessing!”. And he said “this isn’t a blessing! this is a disease! It’s a sickness!”

— That’s the end of Saeed Anwar.”

Source : http://diariesofahafiz.com/home/?p=137

When I read this, it struck me. First of all I have absolutely no more knowledge of what’s going on in the world in general let alone cricket. Alhamdolillah I am living in peace because of not watching/reading news of the world.

Secondly how true are his comments, Saeed Anwar’s. Look at my culture. My mother tells me not to lose weight or do excercise because the thinner I am, the worst people will think my life is. Big tummy is a standard of  not only blessings, but a social standard.

I am disgusted about the standards of status in our society these days. I fear the day I allow my kids to get married to righteous people who come  from either another culture or they do not accept the huge customery dowry  or have “unconventional” weddings…

How useless it is to spend huge amounts of money filling the bellies of people who mix freely the opposite gender  and sing and dance in weddings and then go back home to back bite about everything they saw for a few weeks until they go to another. Then the show off of dowries and wedding gifts. How nice would it have been if weddings were a simple affair and all the money was spent to please Allah and benefit the new couple…

Common belief: Whatever we do on internet is not serious, so we can indulge in anything we want… Anything we wouldn’t dream of in real life, including using profanity and flirting or seeing bad pictures or reading vulgur things… Allah is watching, remember…

Sleeping before sunrise. Ouch. I have been doing it more or less myself, maybe that is the reason of alot of my health and other problems. I would get up pray and then sleep again…

I could go on elaborating all that the points the brother has mentioned in his speech, but then..

I am one of those, who thinks about the evil of everything and everyone else but my own…


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