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I took the new header picture today, at Troinex, Switzerland. It is a sunflower field. It was amazing as just last week the field was full of green and small flowers. They grew up so much within a week!!!

SubhanAllah. I am filled with awe about Allah’s working of the universe, Indeed it is He alone who is to be worshiped.

This is the full picture I took: [Please click on image to view the full size photograph]

Troinex  sunflower field.

Troinex sunflower field


12 thoughts on “Header Picture

    1. Assalamoalaikum, welcome to the blog and thank you for your comments. InshaAllah mustaqbil main bhi atay rahiyye ga..

      Allah Haffiz.

    1. Assalamoalaikum,
      Thank you, I have many many pictures I have taken around here, thinking I should start my own selling business:p ohh but theya re uploaded regularly on my spaces, have you had a look?

    1. Assalamoalaikum Faiza and welcome to the blog.
      Thank you for your comment too, keep coming and I hope we learn something from each other, InshaAllah.

  1. This is THE best pictures I have come across since a while. What a sensation it has been to stay there & confine the view. Undeniably, Allah’s creations are so beautiful.

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