The Good Deed…

“Where are my clothes Mama? The new pink suit I bought with the light blue lace..” Shouted Irum from her room. ” Check in your  wardrobe or then in the laundry room”, Mama shouted back. ” I can’t find it anywhere Mama, I’m sure that stupid Faysal has stolen it for his sister”, said Irum entering Mama’s room. ” He was admiring it when he was ironing it last time and was asking me where I got it from, one day I’m going to beat him, things have started disappearing everyday!”

Pa Qalara waya ( say it softly) he will hear you. I don’t want him to run away as well, this is the third naukar we have had in the last 4 months.” Mama said.  Irum was very irritated, this wasn’t the first time things were disappearing, yesterday her pink  bangles also disappeared, two days ago one of her hair clips had disappeared. She was fed up, and decided to have a peek around his room.

In the afternoon she sent him to the market to get her some stuff, she made sure to make a long list of hard to get things. When she was sure he was gone, she crept into his room. It was the first time she had entered “ da naukarano kamra” ( the maid’s room). The first thing  that struck her was the smell there. The mattress on the floor,the clothes in a heap and absence of any furniture at all. Although the boy had tried his best to keep it clean the smell was coming from the dirty bedding Mama had given him that was 30 years old. He had tried to put a broken mirror there to look in with a cheap cream and a cheap dirty comb next to it. There was no deodrants ( no wonder the smell!). She wrinkled her nose and opened the drawer, praying it is not an underwear or personal objects drawer. She found his wallet there, a torn old thing with an old picture of him, in school uniform and a surprisingly intelligent and optimistic look in his eyes, a Rs.5 coin and an old visiting card of a peer sahab. She couldn’t help but pick up a peice of paper in the drawer. Although she had come in to  look for clothes she was immersed in other things now. The peice of paper was a notice from a village school examination board to pay the rgistration fee on which the last day of submission was circled by a pen and was just two days away..

She remembered Mama was not going to pay him until at least two more weeks from today…

She gave a quick glance at the room and then left. She didn’t see the clothes or the blangles or the hair clips in a black plastic bag just under the heap of cardboard boxes with a love letter to the maid in the house next door. She came back with a sealed envelopein which was the exact amount of money needed for the registration and put it carefully in the drawer with the  letter from the examination board…


One thought on “The Good Deed…

  1. Wonderful post aapi. Makes me feel terribly guilty over the things I grumble about.. and at the same time feeling blessed to have so much to be thankful for, and so less to complain about alhumdulillah. 🙂

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