Looking Down The Mountain

Bissmillahi Rahmani Raheem,

I think I was interested in capturing nature since I was very young, but it was only recently when it re awakened in me with a fervour. I am not a photographer, but I would like to be one day , InshaAllah. I think maybe it is a waste of time in one way, but then we have so many other “waste of time” activities that it makes this almost acceptable, as long as you remember Allah while doing it. I now try to get right on the edge of the mountain beyond the safety rail to take pictures ( scary) and ask my husband to stop in the middle of the road to take a certain shot ( the sunflower ones) and quickly zooming away when the cars come near or going off road in the forest. Alhamdolillah my husband takes a lot of the credit for making the shots possible for me and they are solely meant to be for personal keeping. I wonder  what lengths I would go to if I were to sell them:D

Enough said, the picture from Saléve. [Please click on image to view full size photograph]
Looking down the mountain, subhanAllah
Looking down the mountain, subhanAllah!


2 thoughts on “Looking Down The Mountain

  1. It’s a nice photo but I liked the sunflower one best maybe because green and yellow makes a wonderful color combination and the flowers are beautifully lined and look so neat (clean of dust etc. which is a common issue here).

    Photography is a nice hobby. These days with latest digital camera one don’t need to be an expert at photography either.

    And who told you it is a waste of time? 😀 I think you should carry it on and post more photos of the alps and wonderful landscape.

  2. MashaAllah!
    The ceiling of white clouds and lush green floor come across as an amazing combination & the landscape has been beautifully captured.

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