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I am back after a whole week or two ( in case no one has noticed :p). I had a problem with my router and cutting a long story short, I am using the third router now. I have never seen such good customer services in my entire life. A few days ago I called my service provider, finally to ask what could be wrong with my modem/router and they sent me a new one by post.  It didn’t work either so I called them back and the next morning they sent me  a second brand new modem, within 24 hours!!! and the best part? both were completely free of cost :d:d

Now that’s what I call customer services. On the other hand, I was trying to track an old friend some time last month who was working in a telecommunications company in Peshawar and can you believe it I never spoke to a customer care person, just recording after recording for 30 minutes!!! I gave up after 3 days. I couldn’t get through to a human. Anyway, I hope that many people in Pakistan don’t have problems with their connections ….

And then the light. I was referring to thinking while PC was switched off. I literally had a withdrawal period of upto 4 days in which I had to keep myself really really busy to not think of  internet. Then after that period the cloud cleared  I felt a light around me and I noticed my brain was working better with my computer and internet switched off, my house cleaner, my kids happier and all of us more active.

I have been meaning to post some things, InshaAllah I will be doing that slowly.

Voyageur, thanks for maintaining the blog in my absence and the header picture? SubhanAllah, I took that somewhere in France in an “aire”, a rest area on the motorway. It was a beautiful place, Alhamdolillah. This must be one of my favourite pictures.

Which reminds me, there were some Qatari tourists here in our neighbourhood, and I couldn’t go out to the shops because of continuous rain and storms and I wanted to give the girl a present, so I made a present by printing three of my own pictures I took;on  Hp photo paper and sticking them on black hard paper. The three scenic photos looked so nice everyone thought I had BOUGHT it, Alhamdolillah it looked marvellous. I think I’m going to make some more InshaAllah. It felt nice because I had made it from scratch, completely, my photo, my printing, my everything.

Thank you everyone for visiting the blog, JazakAllah. P.S Lesson three for kids coming soon InshaAllah


One thought on “Swisscom, Modem, Light etc.

  1. Wa Alaikum Salam,
    First of all, welcome back and you were really missed. But keep the ‘light’ with you. Internet, primarily, is a delusion, a diversion; Peace of mind is important. So, it’s a request to continue being equally active and vigorous when the internet connection is working; list internet as ONLY a leisure time activity, don’t let it be an addiction.

    Secondly, your camera work is nothing less than an expert photographer MashaAllah. Just have a look at header pic!! SubhanAllah. So, indeed your gift was more worthy than anything from market.

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