A Day In Town


I wanted to share a picture I took when I was out with the kids..It’s not my best photo, but it should do for now..

The Fountain in Lake Léman on a Cloudy Day
The Fountain in Lake Léman on a Cloudy Day.

3 thoughts on “A Day In Town

  1. SubhanAllah! What a stunning landscape & equally wonderfully captured.

    The textured clouds shed a feeling of being in a fairyland. The towering fountain and smooth lake make it a perfect balance. The green added by tree in foreground and greenery in background put together an amazing effect.
    MashaAllah what a lovely place, you are living at and appreciating it either by visiting and capturing.

    May Allah bless you with much more blessings. Aameen!

  2. hahaha I actually have a lot of info on it, which was 2told” to me by the tour operator. It was first founded in around 1880. I will post all the relevant info here Inshaallah once I recall 😀 ( or cheat by copying the brochure I took form the boat trip:P)

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