Egypt Again

I read this piece of news yesterday,

Egypt forcibly deported the son of a Chechen leader to Moscow on Friday despite warnings the 22-year-old student who could face torture if returned to Russia, Amnesty International said.

The deportation of Maskhud Abdullayev comes ahead of a visit to Cairo on Tuesday by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, whose country has occupied Muslim Chechnya.

Rights group Amnesty International said Abdullayev, son of leader Supyan Abdullayev, was deported on a flight to Moscow along with another fellow Chechen, both arrested in May.


This is the second consecutive news that I have read which confuses me. It is mainly because I thought that because of the very strong faith Egyptians have their government would at least  care for what they thought. Okay so Egypt supports and befriends Israel and America fine,  they must be money hungry but banning Niqab at work and giving away prisoners  is just purely shameful and ruthless.

I had been thinking of making my attitude more positive, but it’s rather difficult when I keep hearing of such injustices being done. These people are most probably innocent and are being punished for their faith, much in the same way the companions were punished for their faith by the Quraish. Allah is all Mercy and justice will be done InshaAllah. But it fills me with dread for now. May Allah guide us, ameen.


One thought on “Egypt Again

  1. Firstly, Egyptian Government has never been following Islam. They have adopted the western culture, their men have married Jewish women and they have continuously shown their sincerity to western world. Just as an example, Egypt stopped the medical teams to enter Palestine during Israel’s attack. The gate was closed and teams were forced to stay on Egyptian side.

    Expecting any good from this kind of government is useless and you shouldn’t feel confused rather accept the real face of Egypt’s ‘Muslim’ government. Anyways, I don’t know what kind of activities the Chechen leader’s son was involved in, hence can’t say anything on this topic.

    As far as, positive attitude is concerned, Islam doesn’t allow being negative even if things go wrong. We should remain positive. Don’t we see Prophet (P.B.U.H) who even prayed for people of Ta’if when they stoned Him and Our Prophet’s life is full of humble and positive attitude. So, nothing to feel aggressive about rather we should pray for the strayed people.

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