The Jew Mystery…


I know that this may sound racist but in today’s world of growing mixing, racism has become a prominent emotion. I think I rather support it. Having grown in a typical “kaliwaal” ( village) environment, it is hard to escape it. I think we are very protective of our own culture. I think I can understand it a lot. The other thing that I  understand is amazingly the concept I also found very strongly present in Switzerland, the concept of old money, new money. I know of  a man who bought into our village and is extremely rich but people still call him a derogatory name and call him the son of so and so, a new money person… Also the saying which goes like ” Paiso sara ba zmaka wakhle khu khanadaan ba charta na rawalay”  ( you can buy land with money but where will you get a family/name from), kind of cruel I know.. I drifted off.. I was supposed to talk about Jews..

I encounter Jews on a daily basis here. I wear an expensive Abaya when I go out, it really pains them to see a practising Muslim living a good life. Some leave a park when I enter with my kids, some make a sour face and NO ONE would answer me if I asked them something. I saw an old Jewish man with the typical cap on his head. I think he must have been around 85 years old and he could barely walk. He was enjoying a relaxing day at the park and the moment he saw me entering from the gate,  he got up and became irritated and left. It annoyed him greatly, just like perhaps his cap annoyed ME greatly, but I’m kind enough to say Bonjour.. they don’t reply..

There was another incident when my son’s classmate was Jew. I didn’t know as he had a normal English name, let’s call him Oliver, as you can see, it’s not a Hebrew kind of a name and his mother’s name was also a normal  short English name let’s call her Vicky. I spoke to her on the phone and said my son mentions your son a lot and since we live so close by ( a few streets away) lets meet up and let the kids play, she was all cheerful and happy ( accent betrayal). She said she’ll meet me and she’ll be the one who will be having a baby in the pram and black hair. I said fine, Ill be the one wearing a full abaya, and she suddenly got quiet and then said, ” well my kids go for Hebrew lessons on Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Saturday :p) blah blah blah we can’t meet!! hahaha. She made a point of mentioning the Hebrew lessons a few times  so I would know they’re Jews. I thought she thinks I may be uncomfortable around Jews so I pressed on but she was amazingly rude after she realised I was a Muslim. I met her at another birthday party of another classmate of my son and I said hello 3 times to get her to say just the hello back. Same thing happened with my neighbour, they were all nice and good. One day I rang their doorbell while another strict Jewish person was there (quite visible from his attire and getup) and since then I never saw them even say hello.. I had gone to ask for something that fell into their garden..

I have encountered so many Jews here and in Milan and they all hate my sight! I wonder why.. what is the friction. Forget about Palestine, about religious clashes due to quran etc.. why do they hate us?

Then it set me thinking, what is the reason that they are repelled? Why? Do they feel threatened by us? Has anyone read about Judaism? There are so many similarities in the basic faith matters that one would think it is Islam. So then why the hatred.. I suppose it will be a mystery for me for some time…


8 thoughts on “The Jew Mystery…

  1. Hmmm, that was interesting. Looks like somethings will always remain mystery.

    I myself have been trying to solve the mystery of this legend for a while now. Could not understand much though.

    Let me know in case you get to understand the mystery of the Old Hound and the Legend

    By the way, good writing style. I’d love to read more on similar topics

    1. Welcome to the blog Tina, thank you so much for the compliments..

      I am not much of a politics and unjust(ice) writer, at the end of the day, the random blabbering of a blogger doesnt make ANY diference on important subjects in the world, but sometimes people read something that would make them realise something of good and morality and it may help them… that’s my only aim…

  2. Wa Alaikum Salam,
    I need a little time to reply in detail. Shall be back here, InshaAllah.

    Keeping a close eye on the world, you have expressed the facts beautifully.

  3. I think it’s better to be in sour relations rather than being a backstabber. There’s a group of Israel people. One man approached me, promoting this product on Dead Sea. He said he’s a muslim. but obviously,he was trying to get into my comfort zone. When he said he’s a muslim, i just read that he’s a liar and all these are marketing strategies. and if i’m not wrong,there were other factors that support my judgements. Nonetheless, God knows well a jew is true to his words or not.

    So yeah, better showing a real attitude than putting on a mask and say that you’re a friend.

    1. Welcome to the blog AppleMuffins.. and you’re right being a hypocrite and a two faces is the worst thing, these sort of people have damaged everything , e.g people kill and destroy homes and then they say we are muslims and do it for islam, whereas clearly they aren’t they do it just to destroy the image of islam, so yes, perhaps its better they show me their real face, but then there is no reason for hatred but I may be finding it out soon 😀 InshaAllah

  4. I think Jews and Muslims both are afraid and wary of each other due to each other’s historical backgrounds. I agree with the above comment where it says it is good to have a sour relationship than being a backstabber.

    To be honest, abaya makes me uneasy too. I am was born and raised as a Muslim but I can’t stand radicalism. So really I sort of distance myself from such people (who totally cover themselves up) until I know them personally. Similarly, I am afraid of Jews who wear ‘kippa’ (that Jewish cap you mentioned) and have hair locks dangling. (You could see that mostly in Israeli male Jews).

    Somehow we identify people from their attires and be judgmental.

    I am, however, interested to know if the Jews would treat a Muslim the same way if she/he dresses up like everyone else in the Western country. Some people are prejudiced to the core so the particular dress code wouldn’t make any difference.

    1. Assalamoalaikum ,

      I think that jews and muslims are aware of each other because..

      a. Muslims are aware of jews because of the times they are mentioned in Quran as killing prophets etc and also because of the on going palestinian conflict..

      b. Jews are aware and not only aware because they simply hate us. The reason for that is that our faiths are one and same and they know it. Alot of jews when they come into contact with Muslims they convert/revert to Islam because they know this is the final piece. They also believe in Allah and we do too and their faith is exactly like ours, so when they see the Quran and meet the muslims, they change, so most old jews hate us and try and keep themselves and their young away from us and they keep instilling the hatred in their younger generations to do the same, e.g my neighbours were alright until they got a visit from an older practising Jew who saw me at their home. He must have scolded them etc whatever but since then they are changed people.

      About the Cover up, I think it is only a “Pakistani” mentality that only extremists ” cover up” well. In our village the more respectable the more cover up, it has changed now because of the cable but yes, even today people think like that. Here in Geneva, the arabs pour in from all countries during summer, last 1 month there have been so many women wearing even niqaabs and people actually respect them, I may write about the dressing on the blog someday but the dress is not a problem, ( unless u watch too much CNN or BBC) it is the fact that they think the more covered up she is the more practising she is and the more possibility there is of her converting people.. you see.. I wont let MY kids hang around a devout christian, that’s probably the case..

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