Some Random Thoughts…Our Mind, a Hidden Source Of Energy…

( I recently bumped into something that I had written on a forum, thought to share it here..taken from Pakfellows Forums.)

Peace and Tranquility
Peace and Tranquility


I recently read the psycho analysis article on pakfellows blog. It got me thinking, I always believed in how we always affect ourselves and our world around us with our mind. That article sort of gave me a fresh insight into our potential.

I think it was day before yesterday, I didn’t sleep for around 36 hours, actually it was “just for fun”. I was watching cartoons and then something else n then something else; also playing around with my camera, transferring and posting pictures, the next time I looked at the time, it was nearly 6 when I fell asleep, when my brother scolded me.

I would have thought for my preceding day to be horrible, groggy and dizzy but instead I fed a thought into my mind; a single thought to make that day a good day for my kids as it was their weekend ( that was aside the fact that I wanted to prove some people wrong about my condition). I worked, worked and worked! & spent the day in a better way than even I usually spent, that night I fell asleep like a baby… Alhamdolillah.

I didn’t take the support of drugs ( paracetamol, coffee, tea) either. I spent the whole day fuel charged by my mind.

I was amazed at how easy it was to program oneself. Even a perfectly healthy and awake person would feel groggy and tired if he feeds it into his mind.

My point is that, it is very likely that many of the problems around us are stimulated by our own minds, by being lazy and unfocused, if there is such a word.
It doesn’t take much to be focused, but then doing Salah doesn’t require much of an effort too, about maximum 10 minutes per Salah? including Wudu, it would take as long as 15 minutes for the longest one? So why are we so lazy, why do we not utilize our full potential? Why don’t we have the power to make a difference in our lives, in our surroundings. What is it that incites us to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to many things we can do something about. What are we scared of?

We should all ask ourselves that question. I know the answers for myself, it is scary. I listen to my Nafs, Shytan and the usual, “Can’t be bothered”, to what my husband says, “if a person can not do something, that is acceptable but when he says he can’t be bothered to do, it then that is a different story, in fact such people are hopeless.”

I don’t know where this piece of writing is heading. I would so love to use my “newly found power” again, more frequently, not just to stay awake through a tiresome day staying in my senses and fresh, but to make real changes, not to succumb to laziness or fear. To remember Allah more than I normally do, to make those days frequent, to take my kids out on an educational trips and not be tired by their many questions & won’t brush them aside but make it worth the visit for them.To make some new garment, to bake a new type of bread, to achieve more physical results which can be seen in one day and so on and so forth. Tt depends on the individual person, every person has different goals.

But then what ARE our goals? Do we have a goal in our daily life? From day to day to achieve a bit of it & then by the end of the day? What do we live for? What do we breathe for? What is our end and where are we heading, how will we meet our Lord?

Sometimes I feel we are all living in a daze, surrounded by mist. So, even if someone came out of the daze the mist puts them right back into it as nothing can be seen. I wish we all open our eyes, use our minds and make a difference.
But then this is also just a “thought” without action, the more thoughts, the more confusing the maze grows. We go round and round in our own maze of thoughts without getting out to do anything.

May Allah put us on the clear and straight path and give us courage to follow it;  stay on it, till the end, Ameen.


3 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts…Our Mind, a Hidden Source Of Energy…

  1. MashaAllah! how beautifully, you have described the “real” motive behind staying fresh all day long. Alhamdolillah, I have been using this inner force to keep myself all positive, energetic, successful and leading towards a happy life; otherwise, there were so many things, that might had blown me up. All praise to Allah who blessed us with such kind of power.

    I am sure, you will utilize this amazing force, not just to keep yourself happy, peaceful and performing all the duties with perfection but also to keep everyone around you motivated. InshaAllah, this motivation shall be imparted to everyone around you. May Allah bless you with happiness, success, peace, prosperity and harmony in both worlds. Aameen

    A sparkling write-up! InshaAllah it will communicate liveliness to many of us.

  2. JazakAllah Raheel Bhai,

    I think my aim for posting this here was because I needed to remember that for myself and also I wanted to share it with Aadil and Hira( spotlesssoul), I thought maybe they could also find some benefit in it…

    Recently I hadnt used my power, Alhamdolillah I already am today 😀

  3. Very motivational post, indeed! It made shift my thoughts towards positivity from this gloomy state of mind I’ve been finding myself for quite some time.

    Thanks for the mention!
    Keep inspiring! 🙂

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