Lulusar Girl

Lulusar Girl 01
Lulusar Girl - Playing with water

Lulusar Lake is a natural tourist attraction due to its larger dimensions as compared to other lakes in vicinity and also because of beauty of Naran – Babusar Road which is ranked as one of the highest roads in the world, taking travelers through Babusar Pass and onto Chilas. 48Kms journey from Naran to Lulusar Lake starts off with newly built road till Jhalkhad and then the jeep track of 30 minutes. In the summer, when the water reflects its surroundings like a mirror, a large number of visitors set the lake a destination stop.

I am not certain whether she (let me call her lulusar girl) knew the name of the lake at the bank of which she was sitting but it’s definite that she didn’t know anything from above information. She wasn’t fascinated anyways. Neither she was interested to know the history that 55 of ‘1857 independence war‘ fighters were arrested from this place. I could interpret feelings of negligence, inattention and heedlessness on her face. Deprivation was pouring out of her eyes, with was a deep hollowness there. While Young fellows were shattering laughter, overwhelmed by happiness kids were shouting and screaming and cameras were flashing and imprisoning the beauty of Allah; she had nothing to do with all this.

She was moving around quietly and emotionlessly; and then she sat at the edge of lake and put her hand in water. She was oscillating her hand in water, to and fro, without any obvious purpose. While parents were not allowing the kids to go near lake water, since the lake depth was extremely abrupt and almost vertical & gents were cautioned by family once they aimed going near lake but no one was there to talk to her. I wished to sit alongside her silently unless she start talking to me. I wished to know her name, to listen about her family and her friends. My heart desired to know about the things, she loved the most. I wanted her to cackle & rejoice. I loved her to rush around and push & pull me out of joy. I wanted an everlasting smile on her face. My eyes wanted to take away all tears and hollowness in her eyes, and wanted to bring charm to them. I was in love with her.

In Naran Valley, majority of kid’s were spoiled by tourists, who give them money and now, all of them beg money from every outsider. But I knew she wasn’t amongst them. She was different – extremely different. May be, she is a daughter of some laborer working on construction of Bhalkhad-Chilas Road. She owned a dignity and an attraction that everyone might not see.

Being a hypocritical person with a so called dignified face, I could only offer her some sections of melon, a mango and a mug of Pepsi. Even this little, bragging act brought a charm in her eyes, a smile on her face and a big ‘thank you’ in her heart.

Lulusar Girl 02
Lulusar Girl 02 - SubhanAllah! What an innocent and beautiful girl she is.

But I wish I could make her smile for long but I was also aware of the fact that she is going through hardships, because it’s written. It’s written for her to be a strong lady, full of courage and strength.

Lulusar Girl 03
Lulusar Girl 03 - A little spark of happiness; Time never taught her to be expressive enough to share her feelings. Same is true about expression of happiness. The ray of joy is too faint.

Dear Readers, I request, please do not appreciate the pictures, neither comment showing pity on her; rather pray to Allah Al-mighty to bless her and all little kids of our nation with beautiful and prosperous lives. They are precious pearls that are being trampled under the feet of pride and hatred.

6 thoughts on “Lulusar Girl

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    JazakAllah bhai, for this post. I know how it feels,almost growing up in a village myself, i have been surrounded by more than one lulusar girls.. it is Alah’s distribution and I recently read in the quran:

    interpretation of the translation:

    and they will wish their skins would have been cut off their flesh, and hunger pained their stomachs when they see the poor people who suffered going into paradise without questions and they themselves taste the torment of Hell.

    I do not remember exact words or th location of the verse but I think it must have been somewhere in the first 15 para’s…

    May Allah bless these kids strength and fulfilment of wishes and success, as I myself have witness more thn a few cases of such kids rising through ranks and success and gaining wealth while the children of the rich have done nothing productive with their lives…

    May Allah give us all the passion to help such families and share our wealth, ameen.

    1. JazakAllah for this wonderful comment!
      I agree to each and every word. Thank you so much for elaborating my thinking in beautiful words.

    1. I somehow disagree! isn’t it better to see a kid laughing, cackling and running around than just sitting quietly?
      Yes, Alhamdolillah, I could see the happiness inside her.

      JazakAllah for your comments!

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