Mr. Drone you are the real triumphant

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai

Oh, Mr. Drone you are helpful to Pashtun/Afghan and you are the only one to having capability to hit the real and actual target. Pashtun are your friends and do not feel that they will forget you. They will remember you as long as the world is there. You proved your efficiency at last and killed the one which was the blue eyed boy of the intelligence Agencies. You proved that you have the capability to strike those terrorists who make terrorism in Pashtun region.

If you were not there the monster terrorists would have eaten us up. Thanks to more and more American pressure on  military and Government to have started the war against terrorists other wise even the angels of Pakistan should not be trusted. Pashtun love to see you Mr. Drone hovering over the atmosphere of the Pashtun areas and wish to see you hit the real and actual target. Those who condemn you are the real friends of terrorists and they want to perpetuate the miseries and sufferings of the Pashtun. Rest assure that all Pashtun are hostages by the terrorists and those who have created, nurtured, funded, recruited and trained terrorists against the peace, democracy and development of Afghanistan. Now you have to play your role more effectively and seriously as the terrorists and their mentors are busy making other terrorist to lead terrorists in region and keep terrorism alive as for as they can but Pashtun are sure that you will play your role once again to eliminate terrorists and terrorism from the region. Please do not be freighted because Pashtun are pro-drones but due to fear of mulla-military alliance they are afraid of. There is some successful chronology of your strikes.

on Dec 3, 2007 , a Predator strike injured Shaykh Issa al-Masri in Jani Khel, Bannu.

On Jan 28, 2008 , a Predator killed HVT Abu Layth Al-Libi and associates in Salam Kot, North Waziristan .

On Feb 27, 2008 , a drone killed foreign Al Qaeda trainees. On March 16, 2008 , more Al Qaeda trainees were killed. The document does not identify those killed in these attacks and does not reveal the places hit by the drones.

On May 14, 2008 , a Predator killed HVT Abu Sulayman Al-Jazairi and associates in Damadola, Bajaur.

On July 28, 2008 , a Predator strike killed HVT Abu Khabab Al-Masri and other Al Qaeda activists.

On Aug 12, 2008 , a Predator killed foreign fighters and militants associated with HVT Usama Al-Kini and commander Nazir.

On Aug 20, 2008 , a drone killed and injured multiple foreign Al Qaeda members and local associates, including some Haqqani network associates. An Al Qaeda facilitator Haji Yacoub was injured.

On Aug 27, 2008 , a Predator attempted to target an Al Qaeda-associated meeting but missed target. It did not cause collateral damage.

On Aug 30, 2008 , a Predator strike killed Al Qaeda paramilitary operatives subordinate to Al Qaeda commander and East Africa Embassy bomber Usama Al Kini.On Aug 31, 2008 , a Predator killed several Al Qaeda operatives, including two prominent Al Qaeda paramilitary commanders.

On Sept 2, 2008 , a Predator killed four to 10 persons associated with Al Qaeda commander and logistician Abu Wafa Al Saudi.

On Sept 4, 2008 , a Predator strike killed Abu Wafa Al Saudi.

On Sept 8, 2008 , a Predator killed several Haqqani sub-commanders and a number of Arabs. Members of the extended Haqqani family were killed.

On Sept 11, 2008 , a Predator killed 10 to 15 militants associated with Al Qaeda facilitator Qari Imran’s training camp.

On Sept 17, 2008 , a Predator killed 4-6 militants delivering rockets to a militant camp near the Afghan border(Durand Line)r and probably HVT Abu Ubaydh Al Tunisi.

And at last the king of terror in Waziristan was hit.

There are some Pakistani pseudo- political analysts for voice of America like Rustam shah Mohmand and Brigidaier Retd. Mehmood Shah who say that this is the success of Pakistan Army to have hit Baitullah Mehsood. What a joke on their part? How can Pakistan kill a person who was a poor and weak IMAMA of a local mosque and was given so much importance. This is the real success of Drone and no one should put the turban of success on one’s head except Mr.Drone.

(The writer is the Chairman Pashtun/Afghan Democratic Council and can be reached on his email., –

Received via email.

I found this article here and thought to share it.


6 thoughts on “Mr. Drone you are the real triumphant

  1. Couldn’t have been written any better… Our government is just a slave in the hands of non-Muslims who’re making us fight with our fellow Muslim brothers :-(, and most of the credit goes to Mr.Drone

  2. Well, I have some reservations.

    Firstly, couldn’t author used the word “Muslims” or “Pakistanis” instead of “Pashtun”? Should we call the suicide bombers from Wazirstan attacking Lahore as “Pashtun killing Punjabis”? Please think!
    Hence, I don’t appreciate this regional hatred exploiting act of author.

    Secondly, author is showing so much love for people killed in drone attacks. Don’t he remember even a single event of blasting across the Pakistan when flesh and blood was all around? I am not saying, all people died in drone attacks were terrorists but most of them were. Unfortunately, along with the killers, some innocent lives also went passed (sacrifices are always need to save homeland). But in reality, some of these people allowed Taliban to stay in their houses as a result becoming a victim of drone attack.

    Thirdly, death of Bait Ullah Mehsud is not something to bemoan upon. Don’t the author remember the brutal acts of Mehsud against Islam, Pakistan and Pakistanis? Don’t he remember thousands of suicide attacks?

    Lastly, the fact is all drone attacks are carried out in co-ordination with Pakistan’s intelligent agencies. It’s an open secret that agencies tell the location of target and then drones attack the target precisely. Pakistan’s fighter planes are not accurate enough.

    I know, there has been several issues with these attacks and things went wrong. But I am not going into details due to time constraints.

    May Allah show the author and all of us the right path. Aameen.

    ‘Alhamdolillah’ the author of this blog entry! I don’t greet this article since the article spreads regional abhorrence, hatred, intolerance and disrespect amongst Muslims. Something that is HARAM in Islam. Also, it’s trying to negate the FACTS. I apologize, if I hurt someone’s feelings. I love positive approach and appreciate it, just as I did here, but I can’t support hatred and wrongly presented facts.

  3. Assalamoalaikum,

    I had been sure you wouldnt greet it with much appreciation :p

    it was amere sharing of something I wanted to see reaction of..

    I think personally i agree with some things and some not.

    I am also of the personal opinion that forgien help is NOT needed for a country with such powerful resources as Pakistan. If the Pak Army is able to identify the target and location , it is better that thye do it themselves as bing part of the nation they better understand the targets, if they are indeed one of us.

    I think baitullah Mehsood is not a Pashtun or even a Pakistani in the first place, have you ehard such a anme before? it sounds more… foregn, he looks foreign and no Pakistani would kill fellow citiznz on purpose if indeed he is guilty of the crimes attributed to him.

    Recently people who are called or claim to call themselves “Taliban” have spread terror across the country, the blowing up of Pearl Continental Hotel, the Killing of an Innocent Imam in Lahore INSIDE the mosque just because he was anti taliban, blowing up mosques, rampaging around pakistan in general. This is ntoa cceptable, we MUST try and root those people whoever they are. These acts of terrorism are not acceptable. But I think that the targets have been wrong and people wrongly accused in some cases of crimes they haven’t comitted.

    In any case, I found the above article interesting.. dffernt people have different views.. Just to know.

    1. Yes, I agree to your point that we should have done everything ourselves, but unfortunately our leaders didn’t have enough courage and faith.

      Coming to BaitUllah; we can’t take our face away by saying that, “baitullah Mehsood is not a Pashtun or even a Pakistani”, “no Pakistani would kill fellow citiznz”. He WAS a Pashtun, a Pakistani, a Muslim from Waziristan Agency of Pakistan. He claimed to be a Muslim. and He DID kill the Muslim fellows. and he DID hurt Islam, Pakistan and Pakistanis. We need to accept the reality that these BAD people do exist within us. Without accepting the reality, how can we get rid of them?
      Let’s be brave enough to accept the bad within us. 🙂

      Yes, I agree that there were mis-targeted events but it can’t be taken to call the whole operation is incorrect.

      Yes, We have different point of views. & I, usually neglect these kind of biased stuff but since it was a part of our blog, so thought to clarify my point of view. I have no interest in this article 😛

  4. :p

    Ok maybe he was but I think like this,

    if a Muslim person does somethng terribly wrong he doesnt remain a muslim anymore, like shirk. people cannot be BORN muslims, they ahve to LIVE to be muslims and have belief etc

    Same thing, one can only be a Pakistani or blochi, sindhi or Pashtun Panjabi if one ACTS like one, ppl who goa broad and ge westernised refusing to speak the language or respect the culture are not Pakistani anymore, hence I dont consider him a pakistani if he WAS at all:P

    no more comments from me, else we’ll start grabbing each others throats and collars.

    AND Im older anyway:p

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