Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajaoon!


This is in the memory of someone dear to me. I had her only for about 2 months maybe three maximum, it was 12.1 mega Pixels, 5 times optical zoom, 29 mm wide angle ( equivlt to 35 mm) auto intelligence, face detector etc etc etc….

I bought it for a modest 499CHF. I will miss you for some time. Yesterday night my husband was searching for something on top of the bookcase, I mean on the top most shelf of the book case and he knocked it down, on the floor mercilessly in the dark. The worse was we ventured into the mountains the next day, on to THE mont blanc ” the white mountain” and even further to Martigny and further… travelling on roads as high above the grounds as 2000m. The highest I have been is paragliding from 1097 m from Saléve. The last picture I took with it was this : A Slug.



17 thoughts on “Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajaoon!

  1. Wa`laqum Salam wa´Rahmat -`Ùllah wa Barakatahu.

    Yes indeend splendid is much man-made exempla gratia a camera
    -but most beautifull is yet the Ayat of Allah such as the patterns on this creature of The Unique Rabb`ul-Alameen.
    I do hope that You and Your husband enjoyed the paragliding, it must have been splendid to have “the vue of Mont Blanc”
    -unfortunately the only Mont Blanc I see is while writing with my black and burgundy pens, yet they are not that impreccive.

    -and yes everything is made of clay
    and will (humans) be risen from dust/earth once again.

    1. JAzakAllah for your comment here. I use to get very sad for material losses, now just mentioning it makes it alright, after all, we do feel something, thankfully it doesnt over poer anymore, Alhamdolillah.

      The slug had such intricate design on it. Im not very good with the blog technicalities, my brother here handles it for me otehrwise I would ahve made it bigger and appear in full size when clicked as then you would be able to better see the breath taking patterns and textures on it.
      JazakAllah once again..

    1. Assalamoalaikum Cavaliere,

      Bienvenue sur Alhamdolillah! Et c’est pas intéressant, c’est tré dangereux,:D

      Im still elarning French and my spellings are rubbish, not only french ones but english too!!

      Welcome to the blog and hope you keep coming. My camera was dear to me but its gone, khalas nothing broken it just wont turn on. 😀

      I do hope that my husband gets me the professional Canon or Nikon one that I wanted in his guilt :p Pray please!!

    1. Thank you :p

      I havent seen a Turtle here yet, If I saw one crawling in the mountains or in the park like the slug I will defintaely, else I would have to go and look in the zoos, oh but I didnt find even ONE in a zoo yesterday either, was this some kind of a code:D

  2. Oh, I feel sad. Hope you will get the new professional camera soon.

    Slug had complex patterns, I can see the uniqueness of Allah in this creature. SubhanAllah

  3. Let’s hope, it costs more than double the one that broke, he’d logcially want to relace whats lost:D

    And jazakAllah for the comment on the slug i was amazed when I saw it,it was beautiful just sittin there in the grass on the mountain..subhanAllah

  4. A blogger should really have a camera with him always. I so miss having a camera. You at least had one :-), and Insha-Allah your husband will get you another one soon :-).

    Believe me there have been so many times that I wanted to take pictures of whatever I saw or observed but didn’t have a camera with me…

    By the way, could you please share the reason you avoid taking pictures of living things?

  5. First of all sister, its not about being an extremist. Its about believes. I totally respect your believes. My question was never meant to hurt you in any way. Accept my apologies if I made u feel that way.

    The reason I asked this was that I had heard that we shouldn’t take pictures because it is possible that people might start bowing in front of those pictures in the times to come, and also that we cannot create any living thing so this becomes shirk. The 2nd reason is also stated in the link you gave. My point is, doesn’t it depend on one’s intentions? If I take a picture of a living thing so that I praise Allah and his creatures and the Qudrat of Allah, and so that I show that picture to others so that they can also know what powers Allah has, is it still bad?

    I mean, our actions are based on our intentions. If I intend good, why would I be punished. But yes, if my intentions are to make others worship the picture or if I intend to say that I created such a thing, then it definitely is shirk.

    Allah knows best, and sorry again if I hurt you. May Allah bless you.

  6. Assalamoalakum bhai,

    no it is not the case at all,I mean you ahve not hurt me AT ALL, Alhamdolilah, how did you get that idea 😀

    About the intentions thing, have you ever heard a hadeeth I cant remember it properly now but it’s something like this:

    If the means to achieve something halal is haram, then that ebcomes haram.

    Similarly using Halal sources to achieve something haram doesnt make it halal.

    I would get back to you with references soon InshaAllah but this is my belief,

    I have been taking my kids and family pictures from time to time but deleting them afterwards and InshaAllah i will try not to agian as whatever the case is, it is better to be careful.

    I believe that Allah’s wonders can be appreciated in more ways than listening to music or watching films or seeing people/animals pictures etc.

    I said the thing about being extremist as that’s what people normally would call me sometimes online, sometimes offline.

    It is always best to be careful in deen 🙂

  7. Thank you for the clarification sister.

    Yes I have heard that Hadeeth, and you’re right, its always best to be careful in deen.

    And about being called an extremist, if someone calls me an extremist because of what my believes are, I’d very proudly claim to be an extremist. Judgments of people shouldn’t really bother us. And I see that Allah has blessed you with deen’s knowledge Masha-Allah. hoping to learn a lot from you Insha-Allah. May Allah bless you and may HE guide us all to Sirat-e-mustaqeem. Ameen

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