Character Of A Muslim [Reprint]

1 . Reputation – Guard your honour but do not become consumed by it:
A Muslim’s  duty is to guard their honour from ill sayings and to avoid that which will bring his name and the name of Islam or his family into ill repute. But do not be consumed by your reputation so much so that you ask what will people say instead of what will Allah say?

2. Personality – Get along with everyone but do not Belong everywhere:
The Muslim practices the universal values of social etiquette and is kind and polite to all but never ever FAKES personality.

3. Character – Excess Ibadah does not make up for ammal (good character) but excess ammal makes up for lack of Ibadah:
There were two women whom people told Rasulullah (SAW) about. One prayed and fasted excessively but did not get along with her neighbours. Rasulullah (SAW) said: “ if she continues she will go to hell. The other prayed and fasted but not excessively and got on very well with her neighbors. Rasulullah (SAW) said she will go to heaven if she continues like this.

4. Compassion:
Once Umar (RA) wallet was stolen at the market. The vendor exclaimed, ‘May whoever stole the wallet be cursed’ and everyone said amen. Then Umar (RA) raised his hands and made dua, ‘Ya Allah , if he stole out of necessity then may the money have Bark at for him and if he is a thief then may this be the last of his sins.’ The Muslim is one who is always compassionate and forgiving.

5. Consideration:
A man once came to Rasulullah (SAW) and asked permission to feed him grapes, Rasulullah (SAW) agreed and the man fed Rasulullah (SAW) grapes from his own hand and was very happy to be doing so. At each grape he would smile at the sight of Rasulullah (SAW) smile. Then he asked permission to taste a grape and took one in his mouth and spat it out straight away exclaiming, “Ya Rasul! This grape is bitter! Were they all like this?” and Rasulullah (SAW) said “yes” And he asked: “then why did you not tell me?” Rasulullah (SAW)  said: “I did not want to take the smile from your face.” The Muslim is always considerate of the feelings of others, be they Muslims, non-Muslims or even animals. Humans have a duty to be kind and considerate to animals.

6. Consciousness:
A woman got on a bus while talking on her phone. She was yelling and screaming into the phone and using extremely bad language. There were kids and families on the bus who were annoyed at her behavior. As she left the bus, the bus driver said, ‘Hey lady, you left something behind?’ and she turned around and yelled, ‘Yeah? What?’ and he said, ‘You left a bad impression.’ The Muslim should always be conscious of their actions and what impact it has on others.

7. Confidence:
A Muslim should have the confidence in himself and his religion to always choose between right and wrong. A Muslim should not be a blind follower but have confidence from within. There were once two shops side by side, one was a candy store and one a vinegar store. The candy store owner would get lots of customers walking in but would walk out without buying anything. And the vinegar store owner had really goof business. The candy store owner eventually decided to close down his business but wanted to know the secret of the vinegar store owner. So he went next door and asked, ‘Why is it that I sell the sweet stuff and yet have no business and you sell vinegar but you get more business than me, how so?’ And the man smiled and said, ‘It’s because I sell vinegar with a candy face and you sell candy with a vinegar face.’

8. Control:
A Muslim needs to practice self-control. The world is full of temptations and one must learn to lower their gaze and control their nafs

9. Courage:
A good person should never think twice about speaking the truth or standing by what is right. The good person does not fear anything but the wrath of Allah.

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8 thoughts on “Character Of A Muslim [Reprint]

  1. Assalamoalaikum,

    JAzakAllah Raheel, Cavaliere, BMK and Zain. May Allah give us the taufeeq to act on it too, InshaAllah

    BMK. Monsiuer shaytaan can only do so much damage, our nafs is worse :S, InshaAllah i had initially planned to put more such stuff but due to some reasons , I may not be able to use the internet so much, yet I will try InshaAllah my best (:

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