How many times have we pondered about simple things in life that Allah has created , no man can recreate even a fly. Even a walnut. I saw one in the park a few days ago, it was all ripe.  A soft cover underneath which there is a hard cover, which protects the soft nut. Because of the presence of the soft part, the  shell of the walnut ( and many other nuts) are un scratched, clean and clear. SubhanAllah!!!

The  Walnut
The Walnut

9 thoughts on “SubhanAllah

  1. SubhanAllah! 🙂
    Often I do try to ponder over small things as I find them not only very interesting but very beautiful and full of hope…Simple thing like grass or sand or a tiny flower at the side of the road.
    It always amazes me how a tiny feotus develops into a 10″ helpless baby and then turns into a 6 ft tall human thinking of how universe came into being…while being a really complicated machine him/herself with intricate balance among the systems. Only words that I can think of are ” SubhanAllah, Alhamdolillah, Allah-o-Akbar” 🙂

  2. Of course every thing in this world is ponderable coz it lefts a query for the observer that
    ” Who has the ability in htis world to shape it in such a perfect orientation ” and ultimately
    this deepness forces a man to come up with the answer ” The One & Only… The Creator of the universe! Allah Almighty…!!!

  3. JazakAllah everyone for commenting and reading through.

    I have been sluggish in replying to comments but mainly my purpose is served once you all read through the post 🙂

    It’s very busy during ramadan and school days, May Allah give us all taufeeq to obey Him,ameen.

  4. well it is the Power of Allah that we stand on our foot. some of us deny this. have they not seen the nature, the signs Of Allah.
    obviously they are dumb and deaf people

  5. walaikum Asalam Aapi

    SubhanAllah…Yes we never noticed these things in our busy lives. Thanks Aapi for this post.

    May ALLAH bless us ALL..Ameen

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