What do you think?


Recently I have been unable to even check my email and this thing was bugging me so I thought to make a quick post. I will give my own answer and edit it into the post soon InshaAllah but I just want to know what other people think.

Recently a Christian friend asked me a question and it applies to our faith as well.

“If God controls everything then how come it is said we have free will and will be accounted for our deeds?”

Looking forward to your answers.


I think the easiest was sometimes to make  people who dont understand and genuinely WANT to understand is give the example of the parents. I know of a Hadeeth too in which it is said that Allah loves us more than (I think) the love of 90 mothers love combined.

In this case, let us take the example of our parents, they give birth to us and raise us and take care of us our entire lives. When we grow up , and we do something bad, the parents almost ALWAYS know. It is because they know us so well. Our parents know everything yet they do not control everything.

I think we could say the same for Allah although His knowledge of us is far more superior to our parents having of us, His presence is everywhere and He can see and hear us all the time. He knows our feelings and thoughts. It is Knowledge, not control. Having said that everything else is in His control. He has given us the freedom to choose as we want. Humans are the only species on Earth who have a free will and free thought. A stone would do as it has been programmed, a tree the same. I planted some herbs and flowers recently and I have NO control over its growth at ALL.

As the commentators put it, there are no doubt things which are pre destined, but they insure the order of the Universe. Allah is the Ar Rahman and Ar  Raheem, even for our free will, we should thank Him million times a day…

JazakAllah for your comments.


11 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. It goes something like this: The two do not negate each other, God indeed knows and has control over everything, and has our deeds/actions/lives/all-in-all written in a book, and at the same time, he has given us the free will to choose what to do, and he has already known what we have chosed or would choose to do.

    In simpler words, think of a big circle, inside of it there is a square. God has knowledge of everything that goes in that big circle, and our free will falls inside that square. So whatever we choose to do, it has been known, but we have the free will to wander across the 4 quadrants of that square.

    My $0.02

  2. I’d say, Allah SWT has the knowledge of everything. He is Aleem. He has the knowledge of Ghaib (unseen, unknown to man) as well. He has told us the purpose of life, which is to serve ALLAH SWT, and then given us the choice to either do as told or do as we wish. But then Allah has also shown us the results for whatever we choose. If we choose to do as told by Allah SWT, and if Allah is pleased and if HE so wills, we’ll go to Jannah, otherwise there is hell.

    Allah controls everything means that the power that we have to do what we do is given by Allah SWT. We can’t even move if Allah doesn’t alow us to. But Allah SWT has given us the choice of which direction to move in, as I said, after telling us the result of the directions as well…

  3. I second Muhajira and agree with Haris.

    I feel like, question directly speaks of Taqdeer (fate); It asks if Taqdeer is written then how we can change it.
    No! Taqdeer is NOT written rather we can divide it into two types.
    1. Taqdeer-e-Mubram There are things that have been written & can’t be changed.
    2. Taqdeer-e-Mu’allaq This part of Taqdeer is under our control. Like Iqbal said.

    Koi andaaza kar sakta hai us ke zaur-e-baazu ka,
    Nigaah-e-mard-e-MOMIN se badal jaati hain taqdeeren

    Can anyone imagine the strength of a true Muslim, whose single gesture changes the fates!

    As you were telling me a few days ago that Birth, Death and Marriage are the matters that can’t be changed. We can’t control our birth; can’t predict whom we are going to marry, nor we can we determine the time of our death. We are choice-less and these things have been written. For our betterment and to guarantee the existence of life, Allah controls these decisions. They abbreviate it as Taqdeer-e-Mubram.

    Everything else is under control and our actions almost determine what is coming for us. Why do we advise, “Drive carefully” if EVERYTHING was written? No! it’s how we drive determines whether we are going to meet an accident or not. As a Muslim, we have faith in Allah and we believe, if we pardon His help, He’ll never leave us alone. So, apart from our actions, we seek guidance and support from Allah. Our success, our failure; our happiness, our sorrows; our wealth, our wealth; everything is under our control. Work hard, think positive, take care of yourself; your life shall be healthy and happy. Contrarily, sleeping all the time, thinking negative & complaining about everything, not caring of your health and expecting a happy life is stupidity. We control our life. This is Taqdeer-e-Mu’allaq. Means things are written as per our deeds.

    One another interesting fact, whether Muslim or Non-Muslim, we all believe in God (or some believe in gods) and we believe that seeking the support of God, we can be successful. Some do it in right way, while others don’t. It’s all a matter of choice, who selects the right path. A Muslim goes to Masjid, a Christian to Church, a Hindu or Buddhist to Temple.
    The difference lays in finding the Allah and finding the Right Path. Some people forgot the lesson of Allah and started worshiping & begging help from stones. Others started negating the Message of Allah etc.
    Alhamdolillah, we Muslims are blessed with right path and clear instructions.

    Abdullah — Ibn Mas`ud — said, “The Messenger of Allah , the Truthful One, sal Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, told us:
    The creation of anyone of you is gathered for forty days in his mother’s stomach as a Nutfah, then he becomes a clot for a similar period of time, then he becomes a little lump of flesh for a similar length of time. Then the angel is sent to him and he breathes the soul into it, and four things are decreed: his provision, his life-span, his deeds, and whether he will be wretched or blessed. By the One besides Whom there is no other god, one of you may do the deeds of the people of Paradise until there is no more than a forearm’s length between him and it, then the decree will overtake him and he will do the deeds of the people of Hell and thus enter Hell. And a man may do the deeds of the people of Hell until there is no more than a forearm’s length between him and it, then the decree will overtake him and he will do finally the deeds of the people of Paradise and thus enter Paradise.

    [Bukhari and Muslim]

  4. well! ” every thing happens because Allah allows it to happen but this does not mean that every thing according to the will of Allah. Allah has given the choice and we are free to choose.”

  5. The free will applies to choosing good or bad act/path etc. in our lives. It is absolutely our will so we’d be accountable for it.

    Then there are certain things that are predetermined such as birth, death, marriage but prayers can make a difference. Yes, prayers can at times defer the death too. Well there is one hadith as well which goes like: ‘Koi cheez maut ko nahi talti siwaaye sadqah ke’

    Raheel has summed up two types of ‘taqdeer’ quite well. That is what I have read in the books.

  6. i have always found questions as whispers of the satan rather any inquisitiveness from within.
    but none the less.
    God is the master. He has given free will to us all. We move our hands in the direction we want and dwell upon things important to us. our hearts and minds are independent of His dictation but yes there is HIS will where we see HIM in a whole new frame. They say he who is closer to God is a chosen one by God so obviously there God has a big say. Some cant see the obvious because God them chances to see when they denied He turned away from them.

    The seed we sow are our own. If I commit a crime, it wasnt written in my fate. I did it, knowing my bounds of right and wrong. I sow my seeds of evil in my own soul. For which I will be questioned on the Day. Similarly my acts of goodness come from within me and the teachings of my parents. If I walk that path, I will have to make a deliberate choice and not a choice of when it is written by God’s Decree.

    There is a fine line, only those willing to see it will see it. The rest will sit and find questions to tease with.

  7. Allah has granted us brain to think and perform, in such situation we are free to perform i.e. either lying or truth, can differentiate good or bad, sleep or awake, study or not etc etc…
    No doubt allah is aware of everything earlier then we perform but he has given us choice to think and then perform.
    Few things are in total control of Allah…i.e. Birth, Marriage, Children and Death. These use to be done when and where Allah has written, no one can change these by himself.
    We are granted with free will to select the way to go to our destiny “The way to spend Life, either positively or negatively”.

  8. Assalamoalaikum,

    MashaAllah you guys are so well rooted in your faith. I see many people, Pakistanis who have live abroad to have doubts too…

    JazakAllah everyone for your replies, they are all correct. I will now edit my thought into the main post.

    The main point is that Allah controls the Universe yet He has given a choice to the Humans. When we commit some crime, we have committed it by our choice, no one has ordered, or destined it to be that way… but then,

    E.g someone commits murder, death is pre destine.
    So the person committing the murder will say it is not his fault he murdered, Allah had destined it to be that way…

    Even in this case the person has committed a crime, he in his brain committed a crime for personal reasons, he had the intention to go and do soemthing bad. To take someone’s life, he is punised for being so galant against Allah as Allah has granted the life to a person and I think he will be punished for his intention, and act what was generated from his own inside.. a bit complicated?

  9. MashaAllah beautifully explained!

    Americanising Desi has rightly pointed out, if our own brain raises such a question, it’s nothing but a distracting tactic of Satan. I have read somewhere, in such circumstances we should read Darood and Zikr.

    About murder; Allah Taala says don’t kill innocent people. Yet a person murders, means he is negating the words of Allah Subhan-o-Taala and he’s following the path of Iblees and evil inside himself.

    May help all of us to follow the right path. Aameen

  10. Assalaamoalaikum sister,

    “If God controls everything then how come it is said we have free will and will be accounted for our deeds?”
    Simple Answer: Allaah knows, and since we don’t, it’s for us to know that we will end up in either hell fire or paradise due to our own deeds and conscious choices. So that the people of the hell-fire don’t complain to Allaah that He put them there unjustly. And Allaah knows best.

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