First Day OF Eid:


Just another quick post, I will be editing details into the same post some time tomorrow InshaAllah, but I just wanted to say I had the most fabulous, the most amazing and most wonderful first day of Eid, Alhamdolillah.

I have noticed that I have lately started to do major things very cleanly and in very less time. Some people spend all their day making food for guests while I make 7 dishes in 3 hours with minimum mess and minimum after –eating cleaning, Alhamdolillah.I don’t run around like a headless chicken when guests are there and everything is perfectly perfect, subhanAllah, I enjoyed with the help of my husband both during Iftaris in Ramadan or Eid hustle and bustle Alhamdolillah. More organised plan means more relaxed day. The kids enjoyed a lot as well.

I love Eid!!

(That’s also what my kids said!! P.S they got so much eidi!!  In Swiss Francs too,hehe.)


I thought to finally edit in the details!!

Well I went to a friends home, and her mum had come from Pakistan so brought  her kids nice pakistani clothes, the 4 years old daughter was  wearing banaras pajama and tissue frock and crinkle dupatta ( yes I recently learnt some of the clothes’ names :P) and the 1.8 years old son was wearing brown kurta and white shalwar and so was her husband. Then some more friends came ( pakistani) and  we all sat there and just ate :S

Her husband said, on Eid day, you dont ask questions, its all about eating!! Even if you ate, eat more and more and more until you cant eat more then you eat some more :D, that was funny!!

Then we came back and I quickly changed all the linen and cleaned around as the kids had opened their presents and there were huge boxes everywhere. My Swedish friend came with her fmaily for Eid, she was non Muslim  but it was fun with her too.

Next day was kids’ school day so only one friend visited but I went to the kids school and celebrated Eid with my kids’ classes. I distributed goody bags with cool toys and sweets and  handmade ( boring) eid cards. Then I gave a lesson to the kids about Eid and then they asked questions and I answered, then the teacher took photos too!! It was fun. I also gave some expensive swiss chocolate and eid cards to the teachers.

Next day my Pakistani friend came to my house, we had tea together. And I also had to go to my arab groups gathering but we couldnt make it… It wasn’t very busy, but the kids were happy, especially the first and second day.  Someone should have seen all the class’ faces when I was there!! My daughter nearly fainted when she saw me coming into her class with King Jouet bags..:D

All in All, Fantastic.

P.S I had NEVER eaten so many  heavy, rich cream cakes in my life,throughout Ramadan and Eid I served and ate  fruit cream cakes at peoples places. Fresh fruit cakes.


22 thoughts on “First Day OF Eid:

  1. شگفتہ آداب بے حد آداب
    پھولوں کی مہک آبشاروں کا ترنم
    شباب کا امنگ کلیوں کا تبسم
    فضاوں میں رچی خوشبو جیسی
    سحر انگیز شگوفوں دل آویز نغموں جیسی
    بھر پور گنگناتے خیال میں
    خوش کن اداوں جیسی
    خوش ادا مچلتی گنگناتی ریشمی لہروں جیسی
    حسین یادوں کے جل تھل جیسی
    پر کشش عید آئی ہے
    اس دھنک رنگ موقع پر میری جانب سے
    عید مبارک

  2. Thats nice to know. I hope you enjoy the remaining Eid Days as well Insha-Allah. One thing I love about Eid is that you get to eat a lot. Out of time meals are just so fun :-), and there is no stopping you as well (specially when you’re not at home :-P).

    1. BMK I heard cooking abroad is not as messy (and lengthy business) as it is here 😉

      But still I wouldn’t take the credit aways from her! 😛

    2. 7 dishes mean, red beans chat, biryani, pakoray, barbecued tandoori chicken, vegetable curry, home made oven naan, salads and cream and strawberry desert:D

      there were also nuts. biscuits and fresh fruit including choopped pineapple. I made a boat out of the peel n chopped fresh pineappne into cubes, yumm.

      drinks, and stuff. There was no plac eon our6 poeples diningtable forstuff!!

      @ Ayesha, its easier, yes, if you are organised enough 😀

  3. Nope, not many in Geneva, but it is pretty multi cultural here. I am a friendly person and found german, french, swedish, danish , arab and pakistani friends for me already 😀

    No wonder, my husband has been giving me a pat on the back recently, its a wonder as hes barely praised me in nearly 8 years 😛

    silent types eh? 😀

  4. oh and I made pakoray, biryani, chat, and chutneys and salads and desserts EVERY day in Ramadan!! spring rolls too sometimes.itni iftari hoti thi ke khana kahnay ko dil nahin karta. But you know what i made today?

    sari kasar aaj nikli, just made simple pasta today!!:D

  5. wow Amazing…7 dishes in 3 hours wah great work

    I made 3 dishes in 2 hours. lolz

    Mashallah good to know that you and your kids enjoyed a lot on Eid. That 4 years old daughter’s dress wz so nice 😀 oo wow you went to the kids school and gave a lesson to the kids about Eid, mashallah. Allah will reward you for this.
    I really enjoyed reading your post.

    1. jazakAllah Aamna!! good to see you poking around here again!!

      and yes, it depends on the preperation for the meal, e.g you get things ready before you start cooking and every time you use some dishes, you wash them quickly and dry them and put them back in the cupboard. So you will ahve free space and more cookers to cook on, if you eleave dirty pots on the “choola” then you wont have space. Also get things ready, chop onions and tomatoes beforehand and try and make garlic/ginger pastes for a whole week or two in advance so you just grab the jar and scoop some out. These are the things that help…

  6. im not a MUslim but i think that was really fun to serve fruit cakes to other people..especially to those kids who enjoy your company..more blessings to u!

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