My Pushto Poetry…


A reminder again, I am not a poet, so do not view it as a critical piece of art. I just wanted to share a poem I .. “thought”.

Although it’s about love, I call it “Rokhaan” (Bright).


Laka pa ragoonoo ki chi weena wi,

Daa khu dera kama darja da

da gulab paraan ki sanga chi arq wi,

dasee mi rooh ki  mina khwara da…

Doona asaana khabara na da

Chi gutaa ghussa shwa ao mina laraa,

Zama chi mina kala laraa,

Saa sara ba nachoorigi rana..

Za na da mini samandar yum,

Na da josh yo tez toofaan,

Da gulab yo nazaka paraan yum

Pa minay yum rokhaan..

Translation :

I am writing a literal translation of the poem, which doesnt make sense…

Like blood flows through the veins,

This is a very low degree.

Like a rose petal is full of “arq” (juice)

Love is spread through my soul.

( which means that, it is a low degree of love that it should flow through your body like blood, and that my love is like a rose petals juice, spread throughout the petal.. )

It’s not so easy,

That the finger is  cut and all the “love” would flow out..

If my love were to be lost,

It would be squeezed out of me with my breath.

( If love were like blood, it could even be lost through a single cut on the finger, which means, any trauma from the beloved could make it disappear, but for love to go away from me, it would have to be with my death..)

Neither am I a sea of  love,

Nor a big storm of passion,

I ama delicate petal of a rose,

Brightened by my love…

( Brightened by my love, means the love inside me gives me my softness and brightness and everything, like the juice in a petal gives it its appearance and fragrance.. in essence, my life is fuelled by my love..)

I think this is very true in my case, and I am like this in every relation in my life, wether it’s with my Lord, or my husband or my children or siblings.. may Allah put respect and love in our hearts for each other ameen.

Dedicated to the people I love….


21 thoughts on “My Pushto Poetry…

  1. Oh sis!
    It’s amazing and how delicately you have papered your thoughts. Creativity is miraculous!! MashaAllah! what an amazing, super & breathtaking poem!

    May Allah bless you.

  2. Its such a wonderful piece of poetry; I loved the original as well as the translation of the poem!

    doomra asana khabar na da che taso shayeri prekhwa awo creativity larha .. takhleeq kho da Allah yao naimat de che taso sara de .. 🙂

  3. Sweet Poetry.

    I grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We had a lotta Pashtun people. I remember the times where I got to listen some of their folk songs. I never understood the language. But, I kinda liked it.


  4. Asala’mu alaikum

    Sister your poem truly touched me heart, made me shed a few tears,,, ok truly alot.

    May Allah make our characters as beautiful as the rose, and our speech as sweet as the scent of the rose.Aameen

    Walaikum as Salam

  5. JazakAllah everyone…

    I believe that speech that comes form the heart always touches the soul.

    I wrote this when I thought of the people I loved and how much I love them and how my feelings of love have evolved over time.

    I was just telling Aadil about the poem genuflection I wrote a long time ago, I think that even though that was an intense expression of my feelings, my feelings and the direction/nature has changed completely in the last few years…

    Love is not something frustrating anymore, it is a peaceful feeling of longing or pride of aqcuisition, it is inside us and our existance depends on it.

    Had Allah not created it in the parents, how would they feel the courage to take care of a helpless baby who cannot even eat himself, it is Love that makes the parets sacrififce their entire lives for their children or take care of their elderly parents or for a wife to give her everything, her life, soul to her husband or to love her siblings regardless of the fact that they have differnt lives and have nothing in common apart from their parents..

    No sense of responsibility can make you do what love can.

    JazakAllah for reading everyone. I didn’t know it would have this effect …

    1. Well dear you have a good mind and innocent heart, although you are a good poet but you need more improvement, I think your English poetry is more better than Pushtu, You need to focus on english poetry too. God bless you.

  6. I’m not much into poetry, but that was simply lovely Alhamdolillah!

    I liked the second stanza the most (that’s what you call it, right?)

    It’s not so easy,
    That the finger is cut and all the “love” would flow out..
    If my love were to be lost,
    It would be squeezed out of me with my breath.

    Indeed, love comes from within and we all are born with the ability to love and the need to be loved as well! 🙂

    1. JazakAllah Saeed. Glad that you like it.

      I dont know much about poetry either, but as I said before, some thoughts triggered the writing. It’s better in Pushto I think…:)

  7. I can speak but cant express myself poetically. Even I seem to be losing touch with Urdu too. Though I used to write stories in Urdu. Yep I did undertand the Pushto verses but by and large I’m retarded to read roman (native language in English alphabets) 😀

  8. The ability of expressing your feelings is great. I have always wanted to do poetry, in fact, I did start with some funny poetry when I was small, very small in fact :-P. And all I know is, although my poetry never made any sense, it did make others laugh :-). This is a great attempt to express what you feel.

    I so agree with you that no sense of responsibility can make you do what love can. Nice write (Y). Take care

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