Broken PC and languorous Attitude

Aslam o Alaikum,
You must have noticed that recently the activities at Alhamdolillah Web log have slowed down (quite evident from number of posts made last month) and the reason is absence of blog author. With the course of time, PC lost its health. One fine morning, it wasn’t in a condition to work. It did power up but Windows were simply too heavy to be loaded. Hard Drive stopped doing it’s job either. This laptop along with others isn’t in a condition to be repaired.

So, Blog Author wanted me to communicate that she will be back and continue the lessons for children, InshaAllah. She will also restart posting useful stuff. But there is a break for some time, may be a month InshaAllah. While, I am more languorous than busy. I will try to ensure that this web log is alive.

Subjected are the reasons for state of lull at this blog.

11 thoughts on “Broken PC and languorous Attitude

  1. I felt her absence. I hope to see her back soon!

    I’ve to ask how do you put watermark on the photo. AND… the header is simply gorgeous. Since I see your logo up there so I assume you must have created it! :)

  2. As sala’amu alaikum
    Inshallah may all come right for the blogging author.Aameen .
    I really love the pictures, what a beautiful Allah has created, may we see the signs of Allah all the time, may we wonder and ponder over the greatness of Allah, may it bring us closer to our Lord.Aameen.
    Walaikum as salaam
    “O Allah, make my love for You the most beloved thing to me, and Your displeasure with me the most fearful thing to me, and instill in me a passion for meeting You & when you have given the people of the world the pleasures of their world, make the coolness of my eyes (pleasure) in worshipping You. Aameen Thuma Aameen”

  3. Haris Bhai, Ayesha, Muslimah, Zain little bro, Cavaliere, Life in Darkness and BMK,

    JazakAllah for your comments here and your duas, it was nice to see when I was back.

    Alhamdolillah things are very much on track now, I’ll try and post something in the next few days InshaAllah.

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