Repentance and recommendations…


I came across a very good post related to repentance on sister Muslimah‘s Blog and another blog which has all the islamic etiquettes on it. It is a wonderful treasure of nice and easy to read posts/blogs so please do read it. I thought to share it here, too…

A Story Of Repentance

At the time of Musa (AS), a terrible famine occurred. People came to Musa (AS) asked him to pray for rain. Musa (AS) took thousand and thousands of people with him and asked Allah. He sought the Help of Allah for the sake of infants, old pious men, and four footed animals. However, no rain came! It was hot all around.
Then Musa (AS) again started praying. He now sought the Support of Allah by saying: “If for any reason my level had been alleviated, for the sake of the Final Messenger – Muhammad (SAW), you may provide shower on us!”
Allah informed Musa (AS): “O Musa! It is not that your levels had gone down! The reason for no rain is that amongst your people there is one person who is disobeying my commands for forty consecutive years. Tell him to get out from your gathering; it is for him I have terminated rainfall.”
It was a very large gathering. Musa (AS) asked Allah: “I have a very low voice. How is it possible that in this large gathering my voice would reach him?” Allah contended him that He would reach His Prophet’s voice to all people.
Musa (AS) announced: “O the sinner, who had been committing sin for 40 consecutive years! Get out from our gathering! It is for you the rain is not coming!”

Listening to this announcement, the sinner looked around and saw that none got out of the gathering! He thought, it is to me whom this is being said. He further thought that when I would get out of this gathering people will see me. Alas! What a humiliation would that be! On the other hand, if I do not get out from here, for me the rain wouldn’t come! Suddenly while pondering on these thoughts, he covered his face with a cloth and started weeping. With great repentance he prayed: “O Rahman Raheem! I had been disobeying you since 40 years! You gave me the opportunity for come back, but I hadn’t utilized the chances. Now I (sincerely) turn to You! Do accept me!” Even his prayer had not completed, rain started pouring heavily!
Musa (AS) was quite astonished! Being astound he said to Allah: “O Lord! Not a single person had gone out of this gathering. What is the reason for rainfall then?”
Allah reply was: “O Musa! It is for that person now I descended the rain, for whom I stopped it.”  Musa (AS) asked Allah: “O Allah! Do expose that person to me!”  Reply from Allah came: “I did not humiliate him at the time he disobeyed me; why would I now humiliate him – when he had come under My Shelter?”

Here’s a beneficial and concise dua for seeking Allah’s Repentance:
Allahumma innaka ‘affu kareemun, tuhhibul ‘affwa, fao’fanni
(O Allah, You are the one who Grants forgiveness, Loves forgiving, so please forgive me)

And the other link is for the Islmic Etiquettes:


13 thoughts on “Repentance and recommendations…

  1. Assalamoalaikum Everyone,
    JazakAllah for reading , I hope it helps us in some ways, as it did affect me..

    @Ayesha, I think its not just about “saying AStghfaar”, but we should feel the guilt. Guilt is astaghfaar.. and then stop whatever makes us guilty…

    May Allah ahve mercy on us, ameen

  2. As sala’amu alaikum
    Everyone commits sin and does wrong, but Allah is always willing to forgive and He always gives them a chance to repent and seek His forgiveness. A believer should never forget the fact that Allah is so forgiving. If Allah had willed, He could have held everyone accountable for his or her sins, but He has decreed that He shall allow His servants to seek His forgiveness and that He shall in fact forgive who and what He wills. In fact, Allah commands that His servants seek His forgiveness:
    وَاسْتَغْفِرُوا اللَّهَ إِنَّ اللَّهَ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ
    “And seek Allah’s forgiveness. Certainly, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.”
    (Surah al-Muzammil 73:20)

    Repentance is an act, which purifies the soul and brings the servant closer to His Lord. It puts the heart at rest from guilt. It protects one from falling prey to his desires and lusts and increases his faith.

    “May Allah Thee Almighty accepts our repentance and may we change our character to that which is pleasing to Allah. Aameen”
    Allahumma In-nee a-toobu ilayka minha la ar-ji-u ilayhaa abada.
    “ O Allah, I repent before You for all my sins and I promise never to return to the same (again).Aameen”
    Walaikum as salaam
    “O Allah, make my love for You the most beloved thing to me, and Your displeasure with me the most fearful thing to me, and instill in me a passion for meeting You; when you have given the people of the world the pleasures of their world, make the coolness of my eyes (pleasure) in worshipping You. Aameen Thuma Aameen”

  3. That’s beautiful and wonderful post Alhamdolillah…. 🙂

    No doubt Allah is Rahim o Karim and never lay down anyone, if he repents and asks forgiveness.

    Allah may bless us all and show mercy upon us as he showed to the Hadrat Ibrahim A.S and his family…Ameen..

  4. Your reply sister muslimah, made me cry and cry and cry, as i was losing hope that Allah will forgive my sins, but now i have full faith that inshallah i will be forgiven, your comment was a moral booster for me, May Allah reward you. Aameen.

  5. JazakAllah everyone for your comments here.

    Missy Me, There is always hope, Allah says:

    “….and never
    Give up hope of God’s
    Soothing Mercy: truly
    No one despairs of God’s
    Soothing Mercy, except
    Those who have no faith.”
    (Al yusuf, chapter 10, VErse 87)

    JazakAllah Muslimah for your valuable comments and input.

    May Allah put us all on the straight path and have mercy on us, ameen

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