Being Virtuous

بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

58. Those were some
Of the prophets on whom
God did bestow His Grace,—
Of the posterity of Adam,
And of those whom We
Carried (in the Ark)
With Noah, and of
The posterity of Abraham
And Israel—of those
Whom We guided and chose.
Whenever the Signs
Of (God) Most Gracious
Were rehearsed to them,
They would fall down
In prostrate adoration
And in tears.

59. But after them there followed
A posterity who missed
Prayers and followed after lusts
Soon, then, will they
Face Destruction,—

60. Except those who repent
And believe, and work
Righteousness: for these
Will enter the Garden
And will not be wronged
In the least,—

72. But We shall save those

Who guarded against evil,
And We shall leave
The wrong-doers therein,
(Humbled) to their knees.

(Surah Al Maryam, Chapter 19, Verses 58-60 and 72)


These are a few verses from the Quran. We all think about the mercy of Allah but we are too relaxed when Shaytaan makes us believe we do not need to make any effort or do any good deeds as Allah’s mercy is vast. This is not true. We must remember that in addition to having our intentions pure and clean, we also need to make an effort.

It is like obeying parents or a loved one. We know we love them but we also need to show them we love them.  The Prophet Sallalaho alaihi wassalam says that we should buy presents to promote love between relatives, friends and neighbours. Every relationship needs to be worked on…

In our case, it is very important to act on our beliefs, on our faith and to try our best to please Allah. The pupose of our life is to Obey Allah. Allah has created us to see which ones of us obey Him and which ones do not.

From the above verses we understand that the emphasis is on “‘amaal” good deeds and being virtuous. Doing acts of goodness to please Allah, and striving hard to achieve success.

There are people who will have pure intentions and lacked the means to please Allah or simply didnt but Allah with his mercy will forgive them, but time and again Allah mentions that the people who Allah will have mercy on, will be the people who at least tried..

The big difference between Muslims is the actions. In the Quran it is mentioned many times like:

23. God will admit those

Who believe and work righteous deeds,
To Gardens beneath which
Rivers flow: they shall be
Adorned therein with bracelets
Of gold and pearls; and
Their garments there
Will be of silk.

Surah Al Hajj, Verse 23 )

May Allah give us the taufeeq to correct our beliefs and the strength to do righteous deeds based on it to please Him alone, ameen.

4 thoughts on “Being Virtuous

  1. thats a nice share sister. Many a times we only rely on our intentions being good and we don’t make an effort towards things. May Allah guide us to sirat-e-mustaqeem. Ameen

  2. JazakAllah for this reminder, sis.
    InshaAllah I will try making efforts to follow path of Allah. May Allah help me in doing the righteous deeds.

    May Allah bless you, sis and reward you for goodness, you are spreading. Amin

  3. Gifts remind me that I gifted my father a cell phone. That was my first ever gift to him. For some reason, I feel I may not be able to give him anything any time sooner! Though I wish Allah make me give my father and mother lots of gifts! 🙂

    That was a nice post!

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