My seven years old son loves fizzy drinks, especially the black ones… I guess we all do.

He began schooling in UK, at a school which was very particular about healthy food, infact as snacks they were only given fruit and milk. At home I cooked healthy foods too, then, and had banned fizzy drinks. In short, it was ingrained in him since he was three years old that fruit, vegetables, milk , eggs etc were healthy and foods with too much butter and  oil , crisps, fizzy drinks etc were unhealthy foods.

Nevertheless he liked the fizzy drinks. A few days ago I cooked a traditional Biryani as is the custom in our home, on Friday. I asked my husband to bring a big bottle of “Pepsi” to drink with dinner…

I poured some in our glasses but as I was going to pour some in my son’s glass, he said he didn’t want any because it’s not healthy, he’d rather drink some water. I kept saying to him , it’s ok., you can drink a little. He looked at it longingly once and said, ok a little, but then as I poured it, he changed his mind and refused it.


I had to drain my glass too, I told my husband we give in to other temptations too, just like that. This has been only  one matter, for my son, if we are not supposed to do something then that is the end of  it. There are no reasons to do that thing, ever. I think he’s so right.  It is my temptations which will take me down.

May Allah have mercy on me, ameen.


12 thoughts on “Temptations

    1. Although no fizzy drink with Biryani seems a bit odd :-P, but he definitely has learnt to have control over his desires. Thats really good Masha-Allah 🙂

    2. Assalamoalaikum Bhai,
      Alhamdolillah I am very proud of my son. Lying is never an option if it’s not allowed, dressing immodestly or being lenient with something in my son’s case. I think he’s our little Mufti, hehe we are scraed to do anything bad infront of him!!

      May Allah shower blessings on him, ameen.

      P.S, we invented a new drink with biryani
      Fresh fizzy water, to which we added grenadine ( berry mix flavour) syrup, a bit like rooh Afza, a concentrate of berry juice 😀 not as good but if there is not a fizzy drink with biryani, how can we eat it? P.S Lamb Biryani for today! :p

  1. MashaAllah, he is such a wise kid. Childhood is considered to be worriless age; yet he work out things at such a little age and he has disciplined his life, MashaAllah. We all should learn from him.

    May Allah bless him with success and help him in doing right things. May Allah shower happiness on him. May Allah reward his parents. Amin

    1. MashaAllah…
      I rememebr when we was a little younger, I use to be over suspicious and protective of him, then I learnt from you how I should trust him, Alhamdolillah Mere Bhai, It made a HUge difference in the way he acted.

      May Allah reward you too, for the good you’re spreadng, ameen.

      JazakAllah for the duas, as always…

  2. Superb :-). I just had biryani in lunch, with rooh afza :-). We have fridays dedicated for chicken biryani at our hostel :-P.

    Ameen to your duas. May Allah SWT bless him

  3. had biryani myself too, today/friday. 🙂 without any drink.

    & don’t make the kid to behave like a grown-up already, please. 🙂

  4. I confess I often become a victim of my temptations when it comes to buying gadgets or other nifty objects! 😛

    Discipline is good but I believe one should enjoy everything halal in life.

  5. mashallah……….
    sweeto has a good deciding power. don’t try to impose any thing on him in life. let him decide what is right and what is wrong…..

  6. This is a good lesson. We should take a cue from our kids every now and then. We try to inculcate good habits and discipline in our kids, and then sometimes they catch us slipping ! Insha Allah, let them also teach us some important lessons.

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