Wearing Niqab in France will be Punishable by imprisonment

Imposer le voile intégral sera puni d’un an de prison

Le gouvernement projette de punir de 150 euros d’amende le port du voile intégral et d’un an d’emprisonnement et 15.000 euros d’amende le fait de l’imposer à une femme, selon une version du texte révélée par Le Figaro vendredi, et confirmée à l’AFP de source proche du dossier



8 thoughts on “Wearing Niqab in France will be Punishable by imprisonment

  1. Religion is such a thing which invokes different passions.
    Just like Niqab ban in France is wrong similarly banning any human-being of different faith (other than Islam) to practice his/her own faith in Saudi Arabia too is condemnable.

  2. sad decision.

    on the other hand after Facebook ban in protest by LHC and opposition of the decision showed by our intellectuals smart, i was just wondering if we made HIJAB compulsory in Pakistan, what will be the reaction of liberals?

  3. Extremism in any form is bad but then some people argue from Pakistan’s perspective, which actually makes sense that French and Westerners are banned to wear bikini on Pakistani beaches. They are not allowed to consume liquor openly.

    It is their country and they can make legislation the way the like. It is to contain the exploding Muslim immigrants and the impact of their culture on France may be. By the way, France has banned all kinds of religious signs and gears for all religions. Some equality?

    1. Assalamoalaikum, nice to see you here Ayesha,
      Yes, you’re right, when Switzerland banned the minarets, this was exactly what I thought, because I thought that in Muslim countries they do not build churches as easily, but then there is a difference in a place of worship, a sign of religion and religious clothing…

      There is no ban on even wearing bikinis in all the arab countries on designated beaches and similarly in Pakistan too, whereas otherwise all other forms of clothing are worn by not just westerners but by local Pakistanis, we do not have restrrictions on them , that how should they appear in public in our countries, but they have put a restriction on how we, muslims hshould dress in their country, which is going a bit too far.

      I always think that if someone is so religious, that things bug them, they should immigrate because afterall it IS their country, but the Niqab Ban Is ridiculous. A few days ago a woman lost her driving license and had to pay a lot of fine because she was driving with Niqab..

      What rubbish!

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