Bissmillahi Rahmani Raheem…


I sometimes think that, if things were easy and they went like we wished, then this world would be like paradise and then we would have no wish, hope to leave it.

I so wish that the path on which I want to walk on  to be easier to follow day after day, but it gets harder every day. There is no enemy stopping me, but myself, coming in my own way.

Yesterday I told my oldest son to go to tidy up his bedroom, I said it to him 3 or 4 times while he kept laughing and joking with his little 5.5 years old sister and then I asked him, ” Zakariyya, what stops you from doing things when I told you more than once and you can hear me and is not hard for you to do?” suddenly I thought of Surah Al -Isra, where Allah gives us clear commands on what to do and what not, including obeying parents, not lying or backbiting and keeping away from fornication and any other type of fahisha.. That is not the first time Allah has forbidden us from these things, Allah has forbidden us or ordered for normal daily things again and again in the Quran that we just plainly ignore. The fury that rose in me looking at my son that way died down immediately after remembering this. It will also be the reason for our punishment in hell…

I have been finding it difficult to curb a few things recently, please make Dua for me that after Allah has guided me, that I do not fall into sin again and if I do, I take myself out of it, Allah is the All Forgiver, Raheem and Kareem. All we need to do is stop what we are doing and be humble and ask for His forgiveness.

May Allah protect us all from His wrath, Ameen.

to be continued…


2 thoughts on “Struggle

  1. That you are conscious of your struggle speaks volumes. Most people fall into sin without regard. Think of it as exercising your spiritual muscles, that they will sustain your faith in times of real trouble. May Allah’s peace be with you and your family. Salaam!

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