Assalamoalaikum , I was trying to take a photo just now and my mind was blown away by the fact that I couldn’t do justice to it, ko one can…

Allah’s creations are very beautiful and perfect, but the biggest blessing is our eyes… Without which we wouldn’t see anything…



4 thoughts on “SubhanAllah

  1. Assalamoalaikum..

    haris Bhai I accidently deleted your comment when I logged in from my mobile.. so I’m Sorry..

    jazakAllah forreading and commenting here…

    I had also posted the post from my mobile as these days life is too hectic..

  2. salamunalaikum…

    MashaLLAH a sweet blog.
    what you said is Indeed true!

    Eyes are the two doors which leads in to one’s heart.
    Real eyes only Realize…The Reality.

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