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Bissmillahi Rahmani Raheem…


I sometimes think that, if things were easy and they went like we wished, then this world would be like paradise and then we would have no wish, hope to leave it.

I so wish that the path on which I want to walk on  to be easier to follow day after day, but it gets harder every day. There is no enemy stopping me, but myself, coming in my own way.

Yesterday I told my oldest son to go to tidy up his bedroom, I said it to him 3 or 4 times while he kept laughing and joking with his little 5.5 years old sister and then I asked him, ” Zakariyya, what stops you from doing things when I told you more than once and you can hear me and is not hard for you to do?” suddenly I thought of Surah Al -Isra, where Allah gives us clear commands on what to do and what not, including obeying parents, not lying or backbiting and keeping away from fornication and any other type of fahisha.. That is not the first time Allah has forbidden us from these things, Allah has forbidden us or ordered for normal daily things again and again in the Quran that we just plainly ignore. The fury that rose in me looking at my son that way died down immediately after remembering this. It will also be the reason for our punishment in hell…

I have been finding it difficult to curb a few things recently, please make Dua for me that after Allah has guided me, that I do not fall into sin again and if I do, I take myself out of it, Allah is the All Forgiver, Raheem and Kareem. All we need to do is stop what we are doing and be humble and ask for His forgiveness.

May Allah protect us all from His wrath, Ameen.

to be continued…



My seven years old son loves fizzy drinks, especially the black ones… I guess we all do.

He began schooling in UK, at a school which was very particular about healthy food, infact as snacks they were only given fruit and milk. At home I cooked healthy foods too, then, and had banned fizzy drinks. In short, it was ingrained in him since he was three years old that fruit, vegetables, milk , eggs etc were healthy and foods with too much butter and  oil , crisps, fizzy drinks etc were unhealthy foods.

Nevertheless he liked the fizzy drinks. A few days ago I cooked a traditional Biryani as is the custom in our home, on Friday. I asked my husband to bring a big bottle of “Pepsi” to drink with dinner…

I poured some in our glasses but as I was going to pour some in my son’s glass, he said he didn’t want any because it’s not healthy, he’d rather drink some water. I kept saying to him , it’s ok., you can drink a little. He looked at it longingly once and said, ok a little, but then as I poured it, he changed his mind and refused it.


I had to drain my glass too, I told my husband we give in to other temptations too, just like that. This has been only  one matter, for my son, if we are not supposed to do something then that is the end of  it. There are no reasons to do that thing, ever. I think he’s so right.  It is my temptations which will take me down.

May Allah have mercy on me, ameen.



How many times have we pondered about simple things in life that Allah has created , no man can recreate even a fly. Even a walnut. I saw one in the park a few days ago, it was all ripe.  A soft cover underneath which there is a hard cover, which protects the soft nut. Because of the presence of the soft part, the  shell of the walnut ( and many other nuts) are un scratched, clean and clear. SubhanAllah!!!

The  Walnut
The Walnut

Mr. Drone you are the real triumphant

By Zar Ali Khan Musazai

Oh, Mr. Drone you are helpful to Pashtun/Afghan and you are the only one to having capability to hit the real and actual target. Pashtun are your friends and do not feel that they will forget you. They will remember you as long as the world is there. You proved your efficiency at last and killed the one which was the blue eyed boy of the intelligence Agencies. You proved that you have the capability to strike those terrorists who make terrorism in Pashtun region.

If you were not there the monster terrorists would have eaten us up. Thanks to more and more American pressure on  military and Government to have started the war against terrorists other wise even the angels of Pakistan should not be trusted. Pashtun love to see you Mr. Drone hovering over the atmosphere of the Pashtun areas and wish to see you hit the real and actual target. Those who condemn you are the real friends of terrorists and they want to perpetuate the miseries and sufferings of the Pashtun. Rest assure that all Pashtun are hostages by the terrorists and those who have created, nurtured, funded, recruited and trained terrorists against the peace, democracy and development of Afghanistan. Now you have to play your role more effectively and seriously as the terrorists and their mentors are busy making other terrorist to lead terrorists in region and keep terrorism alive as for as they can but Pashtun are sure that you will play your role once again to eliminate terrorists and terrorism from the region. Please do not be freighted because Pashtun are pro-drones but due to fear of mulla-military alliance they are afraid of. There is some successful chronology of your strikes.

on Dec 3, 2007 , a Predator strike injured Shaykh Issa al-Masri in Jani Khel, Bannu.

On Jan 28, 2008 , a Predator killed HVT Abu Layth Al-Libi and associates in Salam Kot, North Waziristan .

On Feb 27, 2008 , a drone killed foreign Al Qaeda trainees. On March 16, 2008 , more Al Qaeda trainees were killed. The document does not identify those killed in these attacks and does not reveal the places hit by the drones.

On May 14, 2008 , a Predator killed HVT Abu Sulayman Al-Jazairi and associates in Damadola, Bajaur.

On July 28, 2008 , a Predator strike killed HVT Abu Khabab Al-Masri and other Al Qaeda activists.

On Aug 12, 2008 , a Predator killed foreign fighters and militants associated with HVT Usama Al-Kini and commander Nazir.

On Aug 20, 2008 , a drone killed and injured multiple foreign Al Qaeda members and local associates, including some Haqqani network associates. An Al Qaeda facilitator Haji Yacoub was injured.

On Aug 27, 2008 , a Predator attempted to target an Al Qaeda-associated meeting but missed target. It did not cause collateral damage.

On Aug 30, 2008 , a Predator strike killed Al Qaeda paramilitary operatives subordinate to Al Qaeda commander and East Africa Embassy bomber Usama Al Kini.On Aug 31, 2008 , a Predator killed several Al Qaeda operatives, including two prominent Al Qaeda paramilitary commanders.

On Sept 2, 2008 , a Predator killed four to 10 persons associated with Al Qaeda commander and logistician Abu Wafa Al Saudi.

On Sept 4, 2008 , a Predator strike killed Abu Wafa Al Saudi.

On Sept 8, 2008 , a Predator killed several Haqqani sub-commanders and a number of Arabs. Members of the extended Haqqani family were killed.

On Sept 11, 2008 , a Predator killed 10 to 15 militants associated with Al Qaeda facilitator Qari Imran’s training camp.

On Sept 17, 2008 , a Predator killed 4-6 militants delivering rockets to a militant camp near the Afghan border(Durand Line)r and probably HVT Abu Ubaydh Al Tunisi.

And at last the king of terror in Waziristan was hit.

There are some Pakistani pseudo- political analysts for voice of America like Rustam shah Mohmand and Brigidaier Retd. Mehmood Shah who say that this is the success of Pakistan Army to have hit Baitullah Mehsood. What a joke on their part? How can Pakistan kill a person who was a poor and weak IMAMA of a local mosque and was given so much importance. This is the real success of Drone and no one should put the turban of success on one’s head except Mr.Drone.

(The writer is the Chairman Pashtun/Afghan Democratic Council and can be reached on his email. pashtundemocraticcouncil@gmail.com, musazai1975@gmail.com –  http://www.musazai.blogspot.com)

Received via email.

I found this article here and thought to share it.

Respect and West


Recently I have only been complaining about the injustices of my life, of how people judge me on the basis of a stereotypical image in their minds, which is mostly untrue. I also have to admit that Alhamdolilah Allah has bestowed on me a lot of respect.

I go out with my kids, sometimes I use a bus to go somewhere, mainly because the kids like it! Alhamdolillah when I enter, out of respect probably because of my appearance people go out of their way to help me with a pushchair or stroller I have, or leaving their seats for me. A lot of times when a man is seated and there is an only seat next to him that is empty but I prefer to stand up, he quickly leaves it. A lot of times, people keep holding the door for me while I get out or in of the bus, a lot of times the bus driver asks me if I need any help, Alhamdolillah.

I was prompted to write this as someone yesterday made a comment that I overheard: When you come to Europe and you see the contrast in people, on one hand people are almost wearing nothing ( summer!!) and on the other hand people like this woman here, makes you feel thankful to God! It was a Hindu Indian person…

In general despite my ventures sans my husband these days, in life generally Allah has given me a lot of respect everywhere Alhamdolillah. I think that subconsciously no matter how superficial a person is, he would still be inclined to people who cover themselves who do not drink or do not smoke or do not party and do not gamble. No matter how “modern” the western society has become because of media brainwashing, telling them everything is ok, it’s not! And it is a fact. People cannot eradicate the feeling of good and bad that Allah has created them with.

A few weeks ago I read in a magazine here that a woman who had been married for 10 or 15 years was in a relationship with another man and it troubled her deeply so as to what to do. The magazine consultant said, stay with your husband if you love him so much and think you are anchored in your marriage but enjoy with the other, younger man until you get bored! Astaghfirullah. I thought, so much for trying to read French for improvement!

The Geneva fête has started, lots of foreigners come in the summer and of them most are Arabs. I went there yesterday, blaring music, festival rides, lots of stuff good and bad sold for extravagant prices, utter non sense!  All these Arabs were huddled there like bees in a hive wearing such ridiculous clothes and bright lipsticks that it would make you laugh. I am not a person to judge, but I noticed how people reacted to them sadly not good.

If we are Muslims, we must respect ourselves, our religion and make other people respect it too. If we ourselves do not respect our religion and Allah’s commands no one will respect us. I hear people saying that covering for a woman should not be a standard for judging her. In Islamic terms if she wears normal clothes and does her prayers on time and has a good character then nothing else matters. I have not only travelled but lived in at least 8 countries in my adulthood. I have seen the same attitude from America to Asia and Europe that even in the western society people respect the woman who dresses modestly. People DO judge a person by the way he appears. Why do people clean or wear nice clothes or shoes or put on nice perfumes, they know they make a better impression if they are present able. Similarly we as Muslims should try and retain the beauty of our faith by respecting it and implying it in our lives… It is a significant point and we should try and correct our faith too. I recently read in the translation of one of the chapters of the quran I think either 13, 14 15 or 16 that when truth comes, evil goes away itself. If our hearts have faith we will not hesitate to make it known by applying our way of life to our appearance and dress up. Allaho Akbar, see how Islam goes according to the human “fitrah” nature. When one is inspired by a singer, or someone they would like to dress up like them it is human nature that when you dedicated to something or someone you would like to imitate their way of dressing and appearing, so Allah gave us clear orders on how to do that. If we had a new faith but same ways of living it would hurt us that we are having different way of life but have to live like the disbelievers. Allah gifted us with completely new set of rules and laws to follow, Alhamdolillah.

This also sets me thinking. When Islam was introduced, the newly converted were so grossed with idol worshipping and any other faiths that they did not want to have anything to do with them and spent their lives trying to prove themselves as different because they spoke the same language and lived in the same place, it was hard for them yet they tried. Today we are different and we have different set of morals and values to follow and yet every day we want to be like them, live among them. I so wish us as Muslims respected ourselves and our religion.

May Allah have mercy on us, ameen.