Assalamoalaikum , I was trying to take a photo just now and my mind was blown away by the fact that I couldn’t do justice to it, ko one can…

Allah’s creations are very beautiful and perfect, but the biggest blessing is our eyes… Without which we wouldn’t see anything…




It seems like a long time  since I published anything here. It also has been a  long time since I did anything normal in my life these days and yet I am not even sure what takes up my time….

I have not been here and not even peeping into the blog but InshaAllah I will be relpying to comments and posting new lessons for children and  other stuff as well InshaAllah. Next week will be my blogging week InshaAllah.

I plan on doing some religious study and revision everyday next week and whatever I learn to post it here \InshaAllah apart from which I am also longing to share some other general views.

I hope everyone is fine and Raheel Bhai, thank you so much for maintaining the blog in my absence and what a lovely picture you put on as the header!! I remember you had shown me this photo of yours, called reflections I think.. JazakAllah.

Hope to be back soon InshaAllah