Imaan going stale…

Bissmillahi Rahmani Raheem,

I was thinking today about some things. The things which have happened to me recently, affecting my faith. What are the changes that haveoccurred in me? I blame having kids and the truth is that it’s all to do with my growing laziness.

I found out the things which make a difference in my taqwa are:

  • Not saying bissmilllah before starting everything, I have limited it to saying before eating or drinking anything or opening jars etc..
  • Not reciting the duas before bedtime I suffice with a few duas, and ayatul kursi and that’s it, as opposed to before where I would do a long routine before going to sleep
  • Not saying Alhamdolillah or InshaAllah or MashaAllah in front of non Muslims as often, I either forget to don’t say it thinking it either in appropriate ( ridiculous!!!) or forget.
  • Not having a routine at home, as I use to, disorganisation is the worse thing that has affected my deen in a bad way. Islam is all about being consistent and punctual and systematic, prayers at a certain time, fasting at a certain time, everything is systematic. I have lost that, although I may just about fast and pray 5 times, the routine is so bad otherwise.
  • I have been sticking to fard things only, has been a while since I did any voluntary things for the sake of Allah alone, I could do it for my friends or family or for myself to ask Allah for something but I haven’t done something solely to please Allah.
  • using profanity and bad language as a joke with some friends, this is serious it has absolutely made me cold hearted and immodest and made a big hole in my faith

The list may go on forever, but these were the major things that I could think about right now, I am going to keep a track of the things I do wrong and try and get rid of the them,InshaAllah.

As I finish one list I will try and make another. I do hope Allah guides me, InshaAllah.


5 thoughts on “Imaan going stale…

  1. Aapi, To be very honest from all your blog entries I have learned a lot. I will also make 1 list and Inshallah I will improve myself soon. Thank you so much for your wonderful posts.

    1. JazakAllah aamna, thank you so much for reading it, but as I said earlier, it all depends on ourselves.

      Some people see other people and reform themselves, some hear, some read as some you’d slap in their faces and it would occur to them that you are wrong and they are not.

      the goodness is in you aamna 🙂

  2. I have the same things too. I try to make myself right and do only ebada and remember Allah all the time whether if I am happy or sad. Ignore bad habits and only sacrifice myself for the deen, but I don’t know, there is always I am fail somewhere.

    As the the sentence you said: “I am going to keep a track of the things I do wrong and try and get rid of the them,InshaAllah”.

    Every night I go to bed I have to think and realize that I will make myself right tomorrow. But tomorrow get worst and it makes me thoughtful that yesterday was better then today…

    May Allah give us taufeeq and show us the right path. Ameen…

  3. Hamdulilaah i leaned a lot buy vreading your messagers i try to do all the best that i can that is written in the holy Qoeraan by being a good moslim with my hart and with my mind i help people who are in need why because it is insde off me Hamdulilaahi Allah Soenhan Wa Ta Allah created me this way i have done sins may Allah Soebhan W Ta Allah frorgive me for ot Astafgiroella wa Autubu Wa Ilalyk Ya Rabbie Alamein ;;;;;;;;;;;i grwo up with moslims am an italiaan moslima Hamdulilaahi i am the hamminest women beacuse Allah Soebhan Wa Ta Allah acccepted me to be a moslima i am divorced after my divorced i went to the mosque to become a moslima Hamdulilaahi i learn a lot buthb enjoy your words that you write a lot brings peace in my hart barakallahpe wa fiek

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